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85 million gif views and counting... Allll the fun and engaging things gifs can do to help grow your business organically!

So, I did this thing ... I decided to look at offering animated digital stickers to my clients as a new illustration service. So now, instead of using generic gifs to add interest to your IG stories, you can use your own custom branded gifs 🙌🏽 I thought I'd give it a whirl to see what that could actually mean for my customers & how that might benefit them in real terms. Well, it kind of went viral. Twice. Garnering 86 million users. 86 MILLION. MILLION 🤯 So, yep, that's an insane number of people that I would never have been able to reach before now, and totally organic, so in my view, I think it’s a bit of a no brainer. See below for example Gifs made for Soru Jewellery that has had 2 million views and counting! 👀

So, what are Gif stickers? You know those cute animations you see so often on your favourite brand and content creators stories? The ones that stop you skipping ahead to the the next story & add a little visual extra to the page to keep us more engaged? Those are Gifs, found in Giphy, and used by 700+ million people daily! Fun fact - believe it or not, these mini moving delights have actually been around for over 30 years but it’s only been since the rise of Instagram that they’ve really taken off and cemented themselves as a key tool for brands and influencers to express, entertain and engage.

But what are the hard facts and how can Gifs be used for my business?? I hear you ask! Well, beyond just being a fun and engaging way to interact with your audience (which is actually key to brand growth and awareness!), there are a myriad of reasons to have your own custom gifs created.

Tell me more!…

Not only are gifs perfect for strengthening brand identity and giving your business a 360 polished look that customises your brands social interactions, they can also seriously help your brand to stand out amongst a sea of visuals that are all starting to look the same. You know all the time you spend creating a story only for your followers to tap on by to the next story? So frustrating! Gif stickers are just the thing to stop viewers skipping ahead, and instead, engage with your content.

Part of the joy of sticker gifs is their versatility. They’re ideal for pushing your values and beliefs and aligning your brand with current events and pop culture that are a true fit. Gif stickers are quick and effective, meaning you can respond to an event, occasion or situation in quick time.

Here are a few examples of gifs uses

💫 customing call-to-actions (link in bio, dm's, shop now, swipe-up buttons etc.)

💫 promoting new launches

💫 pushing give-aways and competitions,

💫 informing fans of you work in progress moments

💫 encouraging your followers to use and share your gifs… hello brand awareness!

Gifs can be funny, relatable. product focussed, part of a campaign, seasonal ... they're uses are limitless! If you need help in creating bespoke branded gifs get in touch


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