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Beautiful and whimsical, this illustration print is perfect for most place; from an office, to the dressing room.

The print comes as a4 size or as a 3D a5 version (see images).

Both come with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Limited edition of 25 prints only.

Printed on 230gsm archival matt paper.


The print was created with pencil in Procreate and digitally coloured in Procreate and Photoshop. Post printing, the illustration is further lightly defined, by hand, with pencil.


To ensure maximum longevity of your print, please keep away from direct sunlight to avoid colours fading.





  • A limited edition illustration of the original ‘Love Letters in Paris’.Inspired by the romance that surrounds Paris, the City of Love, and a long-distance love affair. Dressed in a beautiful couture gown, formed by penned love letters, vintage cocktail in hand, she looks forward to their long-anticipated rendezvous, where the lovers will reunite under the iconic Eiffel Tower, at dusk.♡ COME FIND ME!



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