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LET'S level up your brand!

Say Goodbye to Boring: Custom Patterns Make the Ultimate  Statement

 Whether you're in search of seamless repeat patterns or quirky placement illustrations, I've got you covered! Let's whip up some totally unique, tailor-made patterns that scream your brand's vibe!

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don't be shy,
Shoot me a message!

Let's kick things off with an email, shall we? I can't work my magic on crafting those oh-so-sellable prints and illustrations for your awesome product if I don't hear from you! Drop me a line or fill out the form below and don't forget to dish out all the juicy project details when you do, including...

1. Number of designs you're dreaming of

2. Any inspo you've gathered - Pinterest boards, mood boards, or just some descriptions of what you're envisioning

3. Type/s of product you want to see the pattern/s on

4. Size, specs, or any manufacturing rules

5... And last but not least, when are we aiming to wrap this up? Let's talk timeline!"


I’ll respond to your enquiry within 2 working days and whizz over a questionnaire to fill in any blanks. Once I’ve got a good handle on the project scope, we’ll discuss rates; a 50% payment is required before we start the project.  After we agree upon the details including timeline and rate I'll whizz over an official estimate that serves as a service contract.

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Idea Overflow

 It may be that we need to refine the brief and I'm more than happy to help by gathering up some inspo to make sure we're vibin' on the same wavelength! I'll then start sketching motifs and designs for approval, once you've approved and confirmed we're on the same page with the direction, I'll begin the process of bringing your pattern to life and pop it on a mockup for you to have a real feel for the end look, from there we can discuss any amendments.

it's time to get excited!

Once I've added those final flourishes, I'll transform your pattern into a seamless repeat (or any format you fancy), shoot over the final invoice with the remaining balance, and once that's settled, your masterpiece will be primed and waiting in your inbox, all set to elevate your product in the file type of your choosing!

What is your budget?

Thanks for getting in touch. I'll be in touch shortly

What is your budget?

Thanks for getting in touch. I'll be in touch shortly

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