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Illustrations are a creative alternative to the traditional photoshoot. 

Using illustrations to showcase your brand and products is a wonderfully creative approach over conventional photographs.


 Illustrations can add a new dimension. They are not constrained by the restrictions of traditional photography where things like lighting, location, gravity even, can create problems in achieving the perfect results. Illustrations don't have creativity limitations, they can inject personality and individuality that connects with your audience. Using illustrations to illustrate your brand and products can be an enchanting direction to delight and captivate your customers with a whimsical, fanciful flair that can't be captured by photography alone. They can stand alone or work as a part of your brand story, but importantly they can make people pause and take note, particularly at a time when we're inundated with a sea of images that can start to become all too similar.

There are many ways to incorporate illustrations into your brand narrative. They can be used on websites and marketing materials to break up a wall of text by adding interest that keeps the reader engaged. Illustrations can be used on your blog and website with illustrated icons that quickly informs the viewer. They can help to relay messages, convey a style and feel, add personality, highlight key points, explain ideas, be used as infographics...  the reasons to include illustrations in your brands story is endless. Illustrations are a versatile and chic way to add personality that engages. The only restriction is imagination.... Additionally there aren't any  location, model, photographer or stylist fees ... which makes them more cost effective! Yay!

Soru Girl PNG.png
Soru Earrings editorial png.png
McHugh Lifestyle Cosmetics Bag Clip Art
Soru Jewellery Clip Art.png
Fabaclay PNG.png
McHugh Lifestyle Cosmetics Bag Clip Art
Icons - Luggage & Travel PNG 2.png
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