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You must create an account with us by filling out the form below in order to access, view, and purchase from the Pattern Library.

Please note, completion of this form does not automatically guarantee access to the library, access is at our sole discretion, should you receive approval we will email you to let you know when your form has been approved and to provide you a password to access the Print and Pattern Library.

You will be able to view and purchase designs from us by using this password.  


You have to fill out the form with accurate and complete information. We have the right to deny your request to open an account if you fill out the form with fraudulent information. We retain the right to instantly terminate your account and revoke any licences and purchases without requiring you to pay anything if we subsequently find out—including after accepting your account—that you gave inaccurate information on the form. You will not be given a refund in such a situation. 

Even with perfectly completed paperwork, opening and approving an account is not a given.

Any form may be approved or disapproved by us at our sole discretion.  


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