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What Are Your Options? See below!

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Take a sneak peek into the various illustration choices for your brand and how they can elevate your business! Each one has the power to capture the very soul of your brand, staying true to your values, style and tone while wowing your audience.

Illustrations can be as simple as a single design representing your entire business to a series of illustrations highlighting different aspects of your brand. The choice is yours and either option can elevate your business to new heights!

Curious about full-servicing branding? Check it out here for all the juicy details! 

Illustrations that are a fun and engaging way to overlay over images, marketing materials, social media stories and pictures.


Unique and stylish, they can help give your brand, business or blog the best chance at making a lasting impression that your audience will love!

Not just for overlays, these illustrations can be used for apparel, stickers, planners and more! 

To shop the growing collection of everyday essential head to the shop, read more here or get in touch for custom brand assets.


Perfect for start-ups. I'll be creating a set of pre-made brand collections. This will be the the savviest starting point for new businesses, blogs or start-up brands wanting to make a visual impact that packs a professional punch quickly & inexpensively.

Keep popping back to see what's coming up or join the journal to stay informed.


Illustrations are a perfect, creative alternative to photoshoots. They can be added to product shots, look books & editorial pieces to tell a story.

Take a look at some story telling


Modern Mom Illustration - Hoopla and Hype
Branding Illustration - Hoopla and Hype
Lipstick Illustration - Hoopla and Hype
Press for Champagne Illustration - Hoopla and Hype
Wedding Shoes Illustration - Hoopla and Hype
Gucci Coffee Illustration - Hoopla and Hype
Girl Reading a Paper Illustration - Hoopla and Hype
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